bacillus laterosporus discovery
bacillus laterosporus In the 1980's an agriculturalist visiting a remote part of Iceland discovered unusually rich tasting vegetables produced without chemicals. He also learned that the inhabitants of this area were remarkably healthy and rarely needed professional medical treatment. Returning to the U.S., the agriculturalist conducted a series of studies which revealed the secret of the soil's growing power. The Patented formula is a unique strain of bacillus laterosporus (BOD Strain) a naturally occurring bacteria.

Flora Balance and Latero Flora containing bacillus laterosporus(B.O.D. strain) will help maintain a healthy colon and will help populate the intestines with beneficial bacteria. Beneficial bateria contribute significantly to wellness and reduce pathogens.

Since early 1989, when this product was introduced commercially, a continuously growing number of individuals, doctors, clinics, and health care professionals have praised this product and recommended it to their friends and patients.

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