"The Biology of Belief"

This is a truly great book. First, there is the story of the mainstream scientist who one day wakes up to the reality that what he had been teaching and believing throughout his career was wrong, that the limited, analytical reductionist view of human kind advanced by science and medicine today is a seriously flawed hypotheses.

But more important is that the author via simple analogies demonstrates how we create our own health, how we are not victims of our genetics and how we can reprogram ourselves to create the health we desire in our life. He also a provides a very clear understanding of why it is that when we succumb to stress in our life, disease results. The connection between stress and candida has been evident to me for many years, "The Biology of Belief" provides the clearest explananation of the connection between stress and disease that I have seen to date.

If you are ready for a major paradigm shift in your viewpoint on health, get this book!

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