Pet Candida

Pet Candida can also be a serious problem due to the same environmental factors that are largely responsible for the epidemic in humans: frequent use of anti-biotics, high stress level and high sugar intake. Diagnosis can be a little more difficult but reviewing the candida test can be helpful in determining if your pet may have candida related health problems. In pets suspected of suffering from pet candida overgrowth, look for evidence of similar symptoms as demonstrated in humans:

end pet candida
Annie and Jack receive Flora Balance regularly

Canine dermatosis due to candida is a common problem sometimes forming crusty/scaly lesions. Mucosal surfaces are commonly affected by candida with evidence of inflammation/itchiness around ears, eyes and anus. External symptoms most likely indicate an overgrowth in the digestive tract. Some breeds may be more susceptible than others re: PDE, Pug dog encephalitis . Canine candida overgrowth can be managed with Flora Balance powder by adding it to your pet's drinking water and using topical applications(Flora Balance powder dissolved in water) in the case of dermatosis.

Birds are quite susceptible to candida problems which may be evidenced by watery, bad smelling stools. GJ in Florida had great results with Lories & Lorikeets using Flora Balance powder. Dramatic results were obtained with chickens in a field study done in the early '90s.

Flora Balance powder is usually the best choice for pets because it dissolves easily in water and is tasteless. It can be added to their drinking water or sprinkled on their food. Mixing in water and applying with a spray bottle is a good way to treat skin conditions, it can also be added to their bath water. Flora Balance can be applied as folows:



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