6 Phase Control Program using Flora Balance
Laboratory test (in Vitro)  showing the effect of Flora Balance on Candida Albicans, the organism responsible for yeast infections and candiasis. See Larger Image.

Our Candida Control Kits:
*Use a potent 3 phase approach against Candida
*Are naturally gentle to your system
*Offer savings of 38% over the cost of individual items
*Are backed by our Satisfaction Guaranteed Warranty

They include a one plus month's supply of each of the following:

*Flora Balance capsules or powder for destroying the candida
*GRL Biotin for limiting the spread of Candida
*Ultimate Acidophilus for re-innoculating the digestive tract with beneficial bacteria
*Complete information and instructions for a successful anti-candia program

Candida Control Package - $39.95
with Flora Balance capsules
(38% savings from suggested retail of $64.80)
Candida Control Package - $39.95
with Flora Balance powder
(38% savings from suggested retail of $64.80)

Candida is normally present our digestive tract, but is kept in check by the healthy bacteria that reside there.  It becomes a problem when it grows out of control due to frequent use of antibiotics and  cortisone related drugs, a high sugar diet, or a high stress life-style and other factors.  It is believed that 80+ million Americans are affected, most unknowingly.

For more information as to whether your health problems may be yeast related, complete the candida questionnaire created by Dr. William G. Crook.

Symptoms of a Candida Overgrowth are many, some of the most common are:

  • digestive problems including bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation
  • sugar cravings
  • hypoglycemia
  • chronic vaginal yeast infections
  • oral or vaginal thrush
  • brain fog
  • fatigue
  • environmental sensitivities, food sensitivities
  • cystitis (urinary frequency)
  • fungal skin problems, athletes foot, fungus nails
  • symptoms of immune system depression, frequent colds, cold sores, EBV, Herpe
Left untreated, Candida changes from a round yeast to fungus with invasive filaments (mycelia) that penetrate the intestinal lining in search of food.  Usually within 6 months to one year it becomes systemic, meaning it spreads through the blood to other organs.  Orian Truss, M.D. considered an expert on the disease states:   "When tests are done on estrogen levels, thyroid levels or other hormone levels and people are suffering from these symptoms, the hormones are there in the bloodstream, but they are not activating any response".  Candiasis has been shown to:
  • to produce 79 distinct toxins
  • be an immune system depressant
  • reduce the number of suppressor T-cells by a factor of 15
  • be implicated in auto-immune disorders including MS, Chron's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Lupus
  • be usually present in cases of chronic fatique syndrome and fibromyalgia
  • cause malabsorption problems in the intestinal tract
  • be associated with "Leaky Gut" Syndrome
  • Adopt an Anti-Yeast Diet
    Briefly, eliminate sugar, breads and other fermented foods. There are numerous recommended anti-yeast diets both on the web and in the references cited below.
    A book we recommend is the Yeast Connection Cookbook.
    Kill the Candida Albicans with Flora Balance
    For more information regarding using Flora Balance, please read What to Expect When Taking Flora Balance.

    Eliminate Toxins
    When the Candia cells die, additional toxins are released into your system, help your body detox with plenty of exercise, plenty of liquids, psyllium, nutritional supplements, colonics and proteolytic and digestive enzymes all help the body eliminate toxins. A good reference is (7-Detox Miracle)

    Prevent the Candida from Spreading
    Take 3 to 5 milligrams of Biotin per day to limit the transformtion from yeast to fungal form. There is more information at Biotin

    Replace naturally occurring intestinal flora.
    Healthy intestinal bacterial will keep the yeast in check plus the added benefits of:

    • increasing nutrient absorption
    • reducing blood cholesterol levels
    • increasing the efficiency of the digestive system
    • enhancing immunitity

    Augment the Immune System

    • Supplements including Zinc, Iron, Beta Carotene, Selenium, Vitamins C & E have been shown to be immune system supportive
    • Exercise
    • Reduce Stress
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    Flora Balance - $14.25 
    Capsules  350mg capsules,
    (20% savings from suggested retail of $24.95)

    Powder for liquid.  Liquid may be taken orally, as a douche for vaginal yeast infections, used as a colonic implant or for soaking for athlete's foot or fungus nails:
    100 Grams Powder for liquid, 32 teaspoons $14.25 
    (20% savings from suggested retail of $24.95)
    GRL Biotin - $14.95
    5 mg, 30 tablets (contains no cornstarch, brewer's yeast, sugar, artificial colors or flavors)
    Ultimate Acidophilus Plus - $13.50
    with lactobacillus acidophilus and lactobacillus sporogenes

    A list of doctors that are believed to be experienced at treating this disorder is available at:
    The CFS/FM Good Doctor List/ References
    1. DeShepper, Luc Candida, The Symptoms, The Causes, The Cure
    . Crook, William G. The Yeast Connection Handbook
    3.  Truss, C. The Missing Diagnosis

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