The Stress Factor and Candida

Stress is a major factor in candida related illness. Many of our customers have reported that it was the triggering factor, they were going "90 miles a minute" one day the next they were sick in bed. Today, it is common knowledge that stress weakens the immune system, Bruce Liptons book "The Biology of Belief" explains this clearly and consisely. Your stress level will limit the speed of your recovery and can trigger relapses just when you think you have about got your condition turned around.

It is true that certain situations predispose us to create a stress response, but it is us that is creating it. We tend to believe that stress is out of our control, it certainly seems to be at times. The good news is that it is in fact our response to a situation we are resisting and we can change our behaviors. There are many ways to manage stress including exercise, hobbies, counseling, massage, energy work, meditation and relaxtion tapes and CDs among others. The products listed on this page are powerful relaxation tools that can help you reduce your stress level thus enabling your body heal more completely.

I strongly encourage anyone suffering from candida related illness to objectively evaluate their stress level and take steps to manage it should it be elevated. I can tell you from my personal experience that it can be done, it can be quite satisfying to do, and it is also quite empowering.

Try this simple meidtation. Just take a few minutes to give the animated images your undivided attention.

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