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Free candida test, the candida short form questionnaire created by Dr William Crook

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Bacillus Laterosporus BOD Booklet

Fungus Infections
Fungus infections are a common cause of chronic disease

Defense of Fungal Infections
The immune system contains multiple components that provide protection against specific groups of microorganisms. The degree of specialization of function is clearly illustrated in patients with immunodeficiency syndromes in whom the nature of the defect determines the sites of the infections and the susceptibility to certain organisms.

An in-depth look at Fungi

hyphae or the yeast
Which Came First, the Hyphae or the Yeast?

Beneficial Bacteria
An in-depth look at Fungi

Nystatin anti-fungal

An in-depth look at Thrush

Infectious Disease
Infectious Diseases

Bone Marrow
Bone Marrow in immune system augmentation

Flora Balance for candida overgrowth, digestive problems...
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Overcoming Candida News Volume 1 Issue 1
Overcoming Candida News, Milk Thistle - Friend of the Liver, Taking Charge of Your Health Care, Exercise a Benefit to the Immune System and to Your Overall Health

Flora Balance, symptom treatment in cfs, candida control, betterdigestive health...

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Flora Balance

Flora Balance

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Candida thrush cleanse

Candida questionnaire/test by Dr. William G. Crook, full version

Candida, Candiasis, Yeast Infection symptoms, background and treatment
6 step program for treatment of candida and yeast infections

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Oral Thrush may be effectively controlled with Flora Balance

Eliminate Stress

Flora Balance Book Recommend

Ulitmate Acidophlius Plus

Biotin is essential for candida sufferers

Mind and Body formula with 95% Phosphatidylserine plus bacilluslaterosorus BOD and lactobacillus Sporogenes.

Kalmaca Orotate

Flora Balance

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Wholesale information for Flora Balance and Latero Flora

documented suppression of pathogens

Flora Balance

Acid Reflux Relief with Flora Balance

Hemi-Sync by Monroe Products


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Lactobacillus produce lactic acids and occurs in two active forms

Flora Balance

cfs research, symptom relief and elimination with 1500 patients
Results of trials with 1500 cfs patients, reduction or elimination of symptoms

Flora Balance

Flora Balance for candida overgrowth, digestive problems...
Special, 1 month supply of caps or powder for $14.25, save 43% from suggested retail of $24.95

Candida Albicans test results and recommendations
Candida Albicans counteracted by Flora Balance in Laboratory test and patient trials

Diaper Rash

Latero Flora for medical professionals

All of the benefits of Micro Flora in an easy to use capsule that does not require refridgeration, has shelf life of 3+ years

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bacillus laterosporus BOD

Biotin- Abstract

Mind and Body brochure

Ultimate Acidophilus Plus brochure


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intestinal dysbiosis

Candida and Herpes sores in mouth

suppression of our immune system

Die-off after using diflucan

bacteria and fungi

Epstein Barr/CFS relief

inbalance in their bowel bacteria

Customer Comments

Antibiotic use for acne

Customer Comments

Customer Comments

Apnea/severe snoring

Iritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Customer Comments

"classic" IBS, gas, bloating, brain for

Fred Teegarden, MO

Candida problem

Nothing had helped with candida..

definite improvement in candida situation

Feel better than I have in 3 years

hypoglycemic symtpoms disappeared

thrush significantly diminished

yeast infection

trouble with antibiotics

face was "middle-age" puffy

yeast infections

Jerry Stagner


Pug Dog Encephalitis

Lorikeets (Lories)

Candida, yeast over-population in the gut

Systemic Yeast

Allergies 95% gone

Allergies better

Lupus and fibromyalgia

Diarrhea and bloating in young Labrador pups