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J.R. Florida Roberta
L.R., Johnstown, OH M.R. San Diego CA
M.B. McHenry, IL S.O., Illinois
Ann Berry Kendra in Colorado
P.W. Coogle GA R.P., New Jersey
E C Bahamas Jolanta Samler
Anonymous A.H., California
L and L S Hermann, MO B.D., Florida
Christine L.K., California
L.M., Texas M.Y., Oregon
C.F., Illinois M.B. Mississippi (bad breath)
M.S. Alberta Melissa G., MO (allergies/mucus)
E.D. Mississippi  
B.F. Oakland, CA  
S.O., Boulder, CO D. Frazier
Tony Z., NJ Kim, California
T.M. Texas Melissa G., Missouri
B. McLean M.F., California
K. B, Calfornia R.W. Naperville, Illinois
A.F. Stamford, CT
  T. L. KCMO
M.S., Pennsylvania B. Denton, Florida
S.C. North Dakota
R.W. Illinois (pet dogs - Pugs) Jerry Stagner
G. J. Booker Florida (pet birds - Lories) W.S., California
Solid Image Labradors  

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