candida die-off
The active ingredient in Flora Balance is bacillus laterosporus BOD. It is actually a soil based organism (SBO) although it is sometimes found in the human digestive tract, most likely from consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. The filler in Flora Balance is rice flour in the capsule form and malto-dextrin in Flora Balance powder. There are no yeasts, sugars, preservatives etc. I have not known of anybody who was allergic to Flora Balance. We have positive reports from doctors who have treated over 10,000 patients with Bacillus Laterosporus BOD.  This particular strain (BOD) is very good at destroying pathogenic fungi and bacteria and in the digestive tract, Candida Albicans is the most common problem causer. Other pathogens including E. Coli and bacteria such as
Salmonella can also be harmful. It is primarily by destroying these pathogens that Flora Balance enables improvement in cases of digestive problems, candiasis, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. It seems that elimination of pathogens other than candida albicans creates little disturbance in the body and you may notice nothing other than your symptoms have improved. With candida albicans however, you most likely will feel worse before you feel better due to "die-off", a Herxheimer reaction.

herxheimer die-off

It appears that candida is almost always a problem in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Although always present in the digestive tract, in circumstances including: frequent use of antibiotics, a high sugar diet, undue stress, etc. it can grow unchecked causing severe symptoms of immune system depression, fatigue, toxicity, brain fog, digestive problems and food sensitivities.

Research shows that Candida produces as many as 79 distinct toxins (poisonous alcohols and formaldehyde, among others) as a result of its metabolism, and they are present in varying quantities during the period of the overgrowth. It is believed that these toxins are what lead to allergies and food sensitivities originally, basically the immune system is all geared up to remove these toxins (foreign materials) and in doing so may also react to other foods, scents, pollens.

A few of the indications that you may suffer from a candida overgrowth are:

  • have digestive symptoms
  • have thrush
  • experience "brain fog"
  • are frequently fatigued
  • have a high sugar diet/sugar cravings
  • have a history of hypoglycemia
  • have frequently taken antibiotics
  • had cortisone/predisone treatments
  • have taken birth control pills
  • are experiencing "udue" stress



For a better understanding if your health problems are yeast related, complete the candida questionnaire on our web site.

If you suffer from a candida overgrowth and take Flora Balance, you will most likely experience a candida "dieoff" or Herxheimer reaction. This can be a worsening of your previous symptoms, mild flu-like symptoms, it can also include brain fog, poor concentration, problems with memory, muscle and joint pain, tightness in the chest with palpitations, feeling there is a film over the eyes, the alcohols can cause you to feel drunk. Getting a Herheimer reaction when taking Flora Balance indicates the candida is being destroyed and is a positive development.

The length of the die off reaction depends on the severity of the original infection, upon your diet and on how well your body is able to detox. Usually this reaction begins in a few hours to 5 days may last for up to 2 weeks but each case is unique. It is helpful to adhere to a candida control diet if you suspect that you have a candida overgrowth but not to the extent of creating more stress in your life. During the die off you can help your body detox by drinking lots of water, eating a high fiber diet, taking supplements and exercising. Psyllium can be very beneficial in helping your body detoxify. Colonics are also considered beneficial.  

Try to adhere to a candida elimination diet. There are two aspects to an anti-candida diet: Generally most important is to reduce your consumption sugar and other high glycemic index foods with the intent of limiting the food supply of candida albicans which thrives on sugar. Another strategy is to limit foods that may contain molds, fermented products such as bread, beer and wine, also herbal teas, condiments, some nuts such as peanuts. Mold containing foods may aggravate your symptoms by triggering an allergic response from your immune system. We recommend "The Yeast Connection Cookbook: A Guide to Good Nutrition and Better Health" by Dr. William G. Crook. and "Healing With Whole Foods, Oriental Traditions and Modern Nutrition" by Paul Pritchford. You can find links to these titles at    I urge you to do some research if you feel you may be experiencing symptoms of candida overgrowth. My personal opinion is that candida can be a very severe illness, it is a immune system suppressant, and many now believe that it usually becomes systemic, spreading to the liver, lungs, and other organs. There is excellent evidence that Biotin can prevent candida albicans from becoming systemic (transforming to the fungal form).  
Biotin appears to be beneficial in limiting the growth or the fungal or systemic form of candida albicans. Yamaguchi reported a reduction in the mycelial (fungal or systemic form of c. albicans) formation of c. albicans when grown in a medium with a optimal concentration of biotin (>1 ng/ml), growth was limited to primarily the yeast cell form. Biotin supplementation appears to be an excellent strategy for preventing the systemic growth of c. albicans.   
biotin_study_top.jpg (97368 bytes)
"Mycelial development and chemical alteration of Candida Albicans from biotin insufficiency." Yamaguchi H. Sabouraudia 1974 Nov (left slide - optimal biotin = yeast cell growth, right slide - sub-optimal levels of biotin = systemic candida growth)  
 For best results we recommend using Flora Balance in conjunction with GRL 5mg Biotin and our Ultimate Acidophilus Plus available in our Candida Control Kits. If you do not feel comfortable doing your own research and self treatment, then it is prudent to consult with a medical professional knowledgeable in the treatment of candida. There are lists on the Web of candida aware doctors one such list is It is important to continue on the candida elimination program until you are confident that you have it completely under control. We believe a maintenance dose of Flora Balance is an excellent preventative strategy to discourage reoccurrence.
candida syndrome

As reported in Dr. DeShepper's paper sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome fibromyalgia can expect significant improvement in their symptoms by taking Flora Balance. This is almost certainly due to the reduction of the candida overgrowth. We share his viewpoint that these diseases should be seen as instances of immune system depression, Chronic Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CIDS). Candida has been shown to be a serious suppressor of the immune system. This symptom improvement is a major step to recovery, however it most likely will not constitute complete recovery from CFS and FM forms of CIDS. 

At this point, is a good time to re-evaluate your assessment of your illness. (A good practice is to periodically (each 30-60 days) redo the questionnaire to more accurately track your progress.) You have made significant headway, you can say "yes, this model of immune system depression has worked for me, how else can I improve my immune system?" Fortunately, there are many. A brief list of possibilities are:

  • Reduce stress, a major immune system inhibitor (consider a relaxation tape)
  • Avoid dampness, an immune system inhibitor
  • Exercise, countless studies show it improves health and immunity
  • Healthy diet high in fiber and natural nutrients and free from junk food, sugar and toxins (all immune system suppressants)
  • Supplements, there is almost an unlimited potential here, from simple anti-oxidants to high tech immune stimulants and hormones Calcium/magnesium supplementation
  • Acupuncture, Reiki, Attunement, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong and other energy work  

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